Monday, January 24, 2011

She came out of the Blue

Radiant beams of light shades of hue, I felt Her smile amidst the dew,
Her Life devoted to enhancing ours.
Outstreched arm with glowing white stars,
She gave birth to our hope, deep and sublime,
On Whose majesty is based all of time.

The Romans were vicious, they spared not the whip,
She had to look at her innocent Child they had stripped.
Her heart had been taken and ripped to shreds,
While the lame who were healed ...carried away their beds.

What fear would She endure for the love of us?
What pain had She embraced without a fuss?
Her Tears must have quenched the hate She'd felt,
Or changed it to a love none other has felt.

Imagine your child: tortured, naked nailed to a tree,
For a group of people who spat and cursed His humanity.
Although,  forgiveness is a simple word,
The price She paid is rather absurd.
A simple virgin obediant and true,
Your better thank God ...She came out of the blue.

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