Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fall Never Waits!

Gasping, gently, I feel you today,
Stingingly Cold, you take my breath away,
The green hue is fading, fading quite fast,
But, Your Majesty pours colors that just won't last

As quick as the breeze had swept me by,
Your burnt leaf was whispering, "let me fly",
My ears would tingle for the sound made me shiver,
While the pumkins were plumping and their leaves would quiver.

Broken red apples exposed to their very seeds,
Wormed, bruised, rejected, left to the bees,
Later, at dusk the branches are weaving,
An erie vision as the stems they are cleaving.

Come with me now, for the the autumn is calling,
Yellow, orange, red and pale green are falling,
Listening, seeing, Fall Never Waits,
We have lost them now to the winter fates.

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