Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Failure Is Never Final

When first you strive the pain is real,
Once your find that life has bit your heel,
A voice within you start to cry,
It's time to quit, and say goodbye,

You start again on life's crusade,
To achieve, to strive, just to have it fade,
From your knees you start to view,
What was a shell of the former you.

You start to wince when others may say,
"I love winning, I've won again today,

Failure is not where you are,
For there is no place so bizzare,
Instead it's a figment in your head,
And it's waiting for the winning thread.

To weave it's loom of promise there,
To help your failure return to it's lair,
So smile..and start to turn the leaf,
Of all the hopes and new beliefs,
To make the failure stand anew,
His life restored...and his future too.

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