Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan: Storming the Heavens

The grounds erupt underneath watery depth,
Ripples of seas angry now.
Rise to meet the shore,
Violence never knew
It's strength...

Homes, cars, ships,
Joining hands,
For a journey,
Out of control...
Into mudslid swallowing,
Like bobbers floating
then submerged...
In doom.

Grasping in the muck,
Human lives
Now putty,
In Sacred hands,
Some will live
To tell,
Others flailing arms in

Grieve so gently now...
The night,
Sea drained of people...
Bodiless Souls,
Charging Holy Gates,
Smiling down,
At foolish Man...once again.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blessed Ego You

Self made man of secret wealth,
Always stiffnecked never bow,
You found "you" to your liking,
Distant... you leave your audience.

Your smile has become a sneer,
As you reach a phoney emotional moment,
Quickly, you forget your victim and go..they are stunned.

As if a blind man you had become,
You ignore your findings while on the run,
And always reinforce your illusions of you,
Right or wrong you can't undo,
Although you never had a mind to,
Blessed Ego You.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Star Chased Memories

Her heart was shaped in a mysterious way,
Every inch a woman,
Yet with a strength uncommon,
Tears were her weapons

She knew time as though it was her brother,
And she spent it on life sparingly,
A little here a little there,
Until men fell at her feet

Every step she took was clothed in fashion,
From head to toe,
Immersed in wonder,
A sacred woman of the night!

She could get inside your skin,
And stretch your insides out,
Sending you home on your knees,
Crying for more

Indeed a memory I will chase forever
For her scent remains,
And my heart and body,
Still left in chains.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alone In My Selves

Childish separations waking soul thoughts
ever walking in joyful paths
forgetting others to my demise
not to intend a thing
to leap over and through moorings I never knew

still the dawn
finding sun's light burning choices
displayed on my floor
chasing not to find the end
happiness slipped
over time
My chasened dreams
cascading over wishes flowing
to lose myself
 Yet starry eyed
                                                             rose to newness
                                                          life embarks
                                                             shattering darkness
                                                        through tears

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearts bridging Life

I rode by the cemetery today and your voice cried to me,
ever so sharp was the sound sweeter than a memory,
Sad to say I know your not here and there,
Just nice to know you still care.

Beneath the snow your stone barely shows,
Engraving now burried.. now nobody knows,
Who lies here,
My heart my dear.

I can talk to you now as the wind muffles sound,
I could never get a word in edgewise when you were around.
You challenged my faith my love and my strength,
Poured your very blood into our lives at length.

So now I empty my soul right here,
On this spot I leave dear.
Sure I can ride by and listen anew,
Will I still be able to hear you.

A Teardrop knew me today.

Across the stars I searched my heart for wandering was to be,
It seems my mind was wrapped in pain and stuggling to be free.
On the corner of a thought I pressed my face,
against life's windowpane,
Emotions went on inside like a dusty old weathervane.

Empty meadows of sleeping warmth had taken my heart,
Her wishes had known me from the very start.
Every dawn would serve her every thought,
This heart now was seeking to be sought.

I crept in dreams she had of me when her eyes were closed,
And the memories we shared in that land need not be disclosed,
Suffice it to say our blood flowed in each other's veins,
And our love knew endless moisture not caused by the rains.

In the light of dawn she caught me there staring at her light brown hair,
Blamed me for stealing her dreams and told me to go elsewhere,
Now each night when my eyelids close to end my day,
My dream eyes cry "A teardrop knew me today."

Monday, January 24, 2011


Nighttime is the peak of this,
Living in a state of bliss,
My eyes are covered, as it seems,
With scales of whistful, lazy, dreams.

Time is is endless..finding my way...I'm Lost!
I'm running, but soundly sleeping, while memories are tossed.
I can do such wonderous can't imagine,
For I have Father time in a box that only I can fashion.

He'll do my bidding..for a space of time,
and make my life fancy free,
While I engorge myself in life's splendors,
of things that can not be.

Now, we live in those Dreamlights that grow in intensity,
That shine their milky lights for all of us to be,
Those moments of endless falling that inspire our very being,
Hinting, what we might have been or what we now are fleeing.