Thursday, January 20, 2011

The day of us

May I discover in her smile, a distant wind that blows for me,
One may question my intentions, her eyes they set me free,
And the mornings filled with laughter, shinning sun unto your face,
Ever wanting ever craving, no one could ever take your place,

Afternoons we would wander lonely bridges to nowhere,
Holding hands swinging softly in the breeze,
Hoping that something in the mid day air would send us there,
As we enjoyed the waters below our knees.

And as the evening pulls us in, we could see our breath in the air,
Nightime brought the cold frosted leaves a shiver of dispair,
Could this day have to end ever so dark and cold,
Let's go inside and light a fire the rest can not be told.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Steve, just reading through them all now, my you've been busy!