Monday, January 24, 2011

My Loving Friend

Feeling, touching I left you there,
Alone and hurt, you began to stare,
In hope we could sense each other's eyes,
Opening tomorrows, and no goodbyes.

Our hearts entwined in the music of love,
The melodies enrapped us smooth like a glove,
In the dark, I felt your skin,
So softly smooth, you let me in.

Welcome here, I'll stay for a while,
And bask in the loving of your smile.
Sensual as I found you, the day turned to dark,
Hoping, all the time, your passion wasn't a lark.

Inside we both connected then, blind, whistful, laughing there,
As I enjoyed the purfumed scent.. rising in your hair.
Finally, I found the love I can not transend,
I'm alive ! In the arms of my loving friend.

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