Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Teardrop knew me today.

Across the stars I searched my heart for wandering was to be,
It seems my mind was wrapped in pain and stuggling to be free.
On the corner of a thought I pressed my face,
against life's windowpane,
Emotions went on inside like a dusty old weathervane.

Empty meadows of sleeping warmth had taken my heart,
Her wishes had known me from the very start.
Every dawn would serve her every thought,
This heart now was seeking to be sought.

I crept in dreams she had of me when her eyes were closed,
And the memories we shared in that land need not be disclosed,
Suffice it to say our blood flowed in each other's veins,
And our love knew endless moisture not caused by the rains.

In the light of dawn she caught me there staring at her light brown hair,
Blamed me for stealing her dreams and told me to go elsewhere,
Now each night when my eyelids close to end my day,
My dream eyes cry "A teardrop knew me today."

1 comment:

  1. such sadness ....
    "On the corner of a thought I pressed my face,
    against life's windowpane,..."

    this line...I knew it well.. till one day the clouds opened a window in the sky... to watch with me a storm blowing by....it was a moment I will never forget...and from that moment on.. no sad poems can I write..