Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan: Storming the Heavens

The grounds erupt underneath watery depth,
Ripples of seas angry now.
Rise to meet the shore,
Violence never knew
It's strength...

Homes, cars, ships,
Joining hands,
For a journey,
Out of control...
Into mudslid swallowing,
Like bobbers floating
then submerged...
In doom.

Grasping in the muck,
Human lives
Now putty,
In Sacred hands,
Some will live
To tell,
Others flailing arms in

Grieve so gently now...
The night,
Sea drained of people...
Bodiless Souls,
Charging Holy Gates,
Smiling down,
At foolish Man...once again.


  1. Judging by the emotions evoked and the way I pictured things in a new way, this is good poetry. Thanks for helping express what we've all been feeling.

  2. Oh, dear dreamer Steve! So sorry I didn't pop by sooner to partake of this wonderful, haunting write for the people of Japan, for our world. I have missed your presence on twitter, (perhaps just my own bad timing!) and was so happy to see you stop by my place. Your comment means much :)

  3. Very moving, Steve! I appreciate how you've been able to capture this event that affected us on a worldwide spectrum. I'll always remember reading your tweets around this time. Thanks for your poetic insight!